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So I wanted to see the Guardians of the Galaxy from the moment I heard it was being made. I’ve always been a fan of the more obscure, under dog type of heroes. My son has also been a huge fan of Nova for quite sometime. I went to see Guardians twice in the theatres and loved it both times. This got to me wondering why I like certain movies a lot more than others, especially sci fi/ fantasy based ones. I really wondered what it was about Guardians that I really liked, other than the kick-butt soundtrack.

After pondering this for a good while it occurred to me that Guardians was like my other favorite movie in so many ways how could I not love it.

Just keep an open mind on this.

1. We have the prodigal son Luke Skywalker, Star Lord’s (Peter Quill) background is similar to Luke’s: Unknown Father, Deceased Mother.

2. Then there is the partnership between Rocket and Groot, kind of a Han and Chewie relationship where only Rocket understands Groot, Only Han gets what Chewie is saying.

3. Two extremely cool ships, the MILano and the MILlennium  Falcon

4. The Cantina Scene and the Gambling/ Drinking scene from the planet Nowhere

5. Think of the group from Star Wars and then GotG- Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and Ben- Star Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Groot, and Drax

6. Master of Evil and his Underling who wants to command- The Emperor and Vader, Thanos and Ronin

This is just a small amount of similarities, I’m not saying GotG copied SW, I’m saying movies that have certain elements always make me enjoy them more.

SW FalconGuardians-of-the-Galaxy milano

guardians-guardians-of-the-galaxy GroupSW group

SW Millennium Faloconthe-milano-guardians-of-the-galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-earlier-Concept-Art (2)sw cantina



As a kid growing up in the glory days of the original Star Wars Trilogy I have seen the Trilogy too many times to count, when GotG is released this December, I’ll probably watch as many.

What you guys think about the similarities?


Geek Ed



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