Star Wars – Rogue One Parental and Viewer Review #starwars #rogueone

Star Wars – Rogue One Parental and Viewer Review


I will try to minimize spoilers in this. So for parents, I will break down your review first. For a more detailed review that will have ‘some’ spoilers, read AFTER the parental section!


Parental Review:

I believe this movie pushes the edge in a lot of ways for a Star Wars movie. It’s Disney’s first attempt at a stand alone Star Wars movie, but it does not have a typical Disney feel.. (or star wars!) That may be good for most viewers though.

Language: Truthfully, I don’t remember much language at all. There may have been a few things, but nothing crazy.

Violence: Tons. Tons and tons of violence. Some of it was pretty intense too. Head-shots and more. Since most of these were by lasers and happened to guys in armor and helmets, it didn’t have a huge impact visually. But there is a lot of death in here.  I’ll stay away from the spoilers, but be prepared for some emotional content around a lot of the central characters as well as some mass destruction.

Sexual Content: None.

Theme: All the Star Wars movies deal with redemption. This one is no different.  The three main characters have a ‘mixed’ past. All of them doing things the regret, for reasons they believe in. Redemption and good over evil, is the main themes for this movie. A great message with a lot of heart. The movie is emotional though, be ready for that at the end. If you have little ones, you will have some explaining to do!


Viewer Review:

3/5 Stars (Three out of five stars.)


Just putting this out there? The movie DID NOT start how EVERY other Star Wars movie has started in the past. I will let you see that and judge.. including the music… Also, another thought… how the characters reacted to their roles.  It was hard to know “why”  they were signing up and dedicating their life to a cause.   It was hard to know how Jyn stepped right into role… lack of any back story on her life. We see her as a child, but we have to fill in all the blanks on how and why she is where she is as an adult, with just a few tidbits of info to work on. Makes it hard to grow attached to her or the other characters.

Ok, done with that part. There are plenty of references to Star Wars Episode 4. It’s those references that start to help you buy into the characters towards the end of the movie.

It was really enjoyable to see the other side of the rebellion, the non Jedi side. There are two characters that you quickly grow to like, including a force user. It was cool to see a “force user” included.. a NON Jedi force user. But it was very hard to buy into the movie itself. It jumped to so many different planets and so many different characters, you really can’t fall for any of them right away.

The movie itself was ok. See? I’m not spoiling too much here! There were some GREAT scenes with Darth Vader. I was impressed with the characters they brought in from Episode 4… ones that shouldn’t be alive. 😉 The “feel” of just how large the Star Wars Universe can be, was there too.. probably better than most of the other episodes. The size of the death star, the amount of planets, the incredible “reach” of the Empire itself and just how powerful it was. This movie does a great job of really throwing you into it visually.

Overall, I did leave the theater feeling like.. I was missing something though. The lines that were given to the actors and actresses were “ok” at best. I think the best were actually given to the reprogrammed Empire Droid!


The movie was good, but I really feel like something was missing… even though I don’t know what! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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