Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens Trailer #starwars #starwarstheforceawakens



Here it is, so you don’t need Quicktime..


Is it me? Or does the voiceover in the beginning sound a lot like Cumberbatch?

Some things that I noticed:


1. The opening scene, our hero is obviously running from something. IF you listen closely around 26-30 second mark, you can hear a droid.

2. The ‘new’ lightsaber. It seems…unpolished. It’s static’y, or something. Unlike the previous blades on the movies. Maybe this is indicative of people learning to forge their own lightsabers? This guy may not even be using the dark side?

3. The female lead character seems to be running from something too, hence the reason she keeps looking over her shoulder.

4. The x wing fighters, in attack mode, are obviously on a planet.. looking for something maybe? What was cool, is that the shot of them over the water looks like someone is bringing a painting to life. Awesome SHOT!

5. The satellite dish on the Falcon is different.


This is probably exactly what I expected, to be honest. Not a lot to go on. Perfect teaser though. I know all the fanboys are freaking out about the lightsaber, and how it isn’t functional and blah blah. Why don’t you wait and see before condemning the whole movie? It’s a teaser. Stop acting like a stereotypical nerd.


Geek Jason


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