Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you. #starwars, #maythefourth, #skywalker

Today is May the Fourth, or as we call it in Geekdom, Star Wars Day. I’m not really sure how the whole thing started but it’s awesome  that it did. Today is the day where all Star Wars fans and geeks alike can celebrate their geek-ness with pride. I celebrate it with my kids every year. I give them some small Star Wars related present, stickers, Pez, coloring book, etc., they all wear their Star Wars apparel, and sometimes we even have Star Wars themed dinners. Last year we had Bantha Burgers, Hot dogs on buns that were decorated like Chewy, and Star Fighter Fries. My son, who was given the middle name (Lucas) after George, and goes by Luke, absolutely loves Star Wars day.

So for you Luke, “I am your father” and the rest of the Star Wars Loving Fans out there: Happy Star Wars Day; May the Fourth be with You!



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