Sean Astin IS Samwise Gamgee, Biotch… #seanastin #lotr #nickelcitycon

 Samwise Gamgee – In Case You Didn’t Know!


We are a family friendly website, but this video was a bit too priceless NOT to post. While attending the Nickel City Con in Buffalo, NY, we had a chance to sit in on the panel with Sean Astin. There was a chance for people to ask questions throughout the panel, and most people really did ask some good ones! Near the end, one “fan” got up, and purposely tried to be… well, a jerk. He first asked the following:

So, to be clear, what character DID you play in Lord Of The Rings?

This was followed up by a chorus of sighs and rolling of the eyes by the crowd. He then proceeded with the question you will see in the video below. After the video, he ended the question with:

“That’s just who you WANTED us to think you played…”

As he walked away from the stage, he continued to mumble under his breath about Sean being too short to play a hobbit, and something to the affect of, “It wasn’t really him…”


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