SDCC Throw Back Thursday to 2014 Ben Herrera #sdcc #sdcc2015


Check out an awesome interview with an awesome artist last year at SDCCC! He’s back btw in 2015, so go check him out!





We had the honor of interviewing Ben Herrera this evening, after finishing up our romp around Comic Con. Ben is a class act guy! Warm, welcoming, and even showed us some of the local cuisine!

Adam and I were both impressed with the wide variety of styles in his drawings! If you take anything away from this interview, make sure it’s links to his work. Impressive! Both myself and Adam are taking home some really wonderful sketches and drawings!

My son is going to love the commissioned work that Ben is doing; Batman!


Anyhow, here is the interview! Go LIKE his facebook page!


Ben Herrera




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