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San Andreas – Movie Trailer and More #therock

I’ve always thought that “The Rock” was a lot of fun to watch. Heck, I even enjoyed him in Witch Mountain. He’s an inspiring guy in real life and has done a lot of cool and productive things. One of my favorite movies with him, is “The Rundown”

I saw a few TV spots for the new San Andreas movie, and what I saw was disappointing… mostly the clips that contained The Rock, and the fact that it just seems to be another end of the world natural disaster film. So I went and looked up another trailer online (below). It was a bit easier to swallow. The TV spot didn’t do The Rock any justice I think in his ‘acting’. I’m not saying he is the best actor, but those tv spots were horrible.

This trailer below gives a little more, still not sure though. It reminds me of an older style action film, but with a LOT of buildings crashing down. After Man Of Steel, 2012, Transformers and the many many many other films that include collapsing buildings, I’m about done with them. I’ve seen a building collapse 50 ways in 4 seconds. It’s not that impressive anymore. I honestly believe that focusing on the story, and the characters, may pay off better in this movie. I may be wrong… Let me know your thoughts!


Geek Jason


P.S. There is still hope for the next superhero movie that contains The Rock… Shazam baby.




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