Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Interested? #samsung #samsungnoteedge #edge


I’m not sure what to think about this yet. I actually think it has merit, but not sure if it has user friendly applications that would make it feasible on the customer market!

Samsung introduced the new ‘edge’ and indicated it would be sold in the North America market. Not sure when yet. The “edge” has a curved display on the right side, that acts as a ticker or an app shortcut bar. I think that may actually be cool, if it doesn’t interfere with normal use. I can only imagine, but wouldn’t simple acts of holding the phone in the palm of your hand, cause the curved screen to read your thumb or side of your hand as an action?

I can see it being useful for updates, stock ticker, quick access.. that doesn’t change while using the main screen. I can see all kinds of useful applications… even making the Android Status bar use it, instead of swiping from the top?


Let us know what you think! Here is engadget’s review on it.

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