Rogue One – Official Star Wars Trailer

Rogue One – Teaser Trailer


We posted this Rogue One Trailer on the facebook page too. But we wanted it on the website as well for a little discussion. The first impression I got of this trailer, was that I was watching a World War 2 movie, set in space. Honestly? I think I like that.

It’s a different feel than I have gotten from the other movies, including the latest Force Awakens stuff. (Which I liked…) I really liked the ‘vintage’ feel to it, yet not? Not sure how to put that into words. Although, with George’s previous prequel.. he did a horrible job at that. The technology always looked more advanced, yet the movies took place in the past. This new.. prequel of sorts, seems to hold on to the older style look, but keep a fresh perspective.


Now, I am making a lot of judgments from a clip of video that is less than 2 minutes. What do you think? I have really been enjoying the fact that so many superhero and sci-fi movies are coming out! Sure, some of them are not exactly the ‘best’. But it is an awesome time to be alive as a Geek!


Here are some stills from the trailer!


Rogue One

Rogue One



Rogue One









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