New Comic-Con in Buffalo, New York – #nickelcitycon

Dave and Adam’s Card World is doing a first in Western New York, bringing its’ own Comic Con to the Buffalo area! From the looks of it, it has a lot of star power and the potential to really attract more in the future!

Here’s a short list of SOME of the guests:

Ric Flair Professional Wrestling Legend

Sean Astin Rudy/Rudy Ruettiger, The Goonies/Mikey Walsh, Lord of the Rings/Samwise Gamgee

Ray Park Star Wars/Darth Maul, G.I. Joe/Snake Eyes

Neal Adams Artist – Batman, X-Men, Superman, Green Lantern

Brett Dalton Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Agent Grant Ward


There is a great list of local artists as well:

Sal Otero

Shad Nowicki

Ray Griffin – Griffin Studios

Chuck Amadori

And More…

Watchtower Geeks will be on hand as well and we are really looking forward to bringing you stories on the artists, guests and cos-players! Dave and Adam’s Card Store was wonderful in providing us media passes and hopefully we can bring you some great updates! Come on out and look for us – We will be easy to spot in the black/green/pink Watchtower Geeks T-shirts!

Truthfully, we are really looking forward to this. We have enjoyed the smaller comic conventions in Buffalo and the surrounding areas in the past, but we feel strongly that Buffalo and Western NY deserves a true, full blown Comic Con on the U.S . side of the border! (No offense Niagara Falls Comic Con…) We hope this is the start of something great, and will continue to draw out more special guests; providing a fantastic venue for the people and families in Western NY. Buffalo has plenty of Geeks, hopefully we will continue to have plenty of Geek venues!


Meredith Phelps, Event Coordinator and Media Relations, had a great answer as to “why” Dave and Adam’s wanted to get involved.

Why we are hosting Nickel City Con? The answer is simple. We at Dave & Adam’s are geeks, BIG ones. We LOVE sports and sports cards, but also comic books, toys, video games, and board games, and Magic the Gathering, and quirky pop culture. We love our city of Buffalo and we felt like this city deserves a fun event that appeals to all ages alike.

We couldn’t agree more!

Dave & Adam’s CEO was asked, why Buffalo?

“Why not Buffalo? Why can’t we have a comic convention in the Nickel City?”
“If you want something that is very family wholesome, this is on the list. It’s just a nice, friendly environment. It’s 100% people who enjoy the franchises, whether or not you are immersed in the culture. It’s 100% community! There is literally something there for everyone. You kind of have to take the idea of comics out of your head because these conventions are so much more than that now.

Again, we couldn’t agree more. Watchtower Geeks is all about reporting on “All Things Geek”… If you like to crochet, learn about being a survivalist, dress up as Captain America, create decorative cakes or imagine yourself flying through space, Geek Culture is everywhere. Buffalo has a lot of undiscovered fun and talent and Geekdom is a large part of it. Years ago, being a nerd or a Geek was something that everyone made fun of. Today, it’s mainstream! It’s great to see people able to feel comfortable being themselves. Comic Conventions are the mecca of exactly that; being yourself.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Nickle City Con will be taking place August 13th and 14th. Check out prices here!




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