My childhood toys ruined it for my kids


As I wandered through the toy department of my local big box store today waiting for a prescription to be filled; I came to the realization that my awesome childhood toys of the 70’s and 80’s ruined toys for my kids.

I won’t argue; the late 70’s and the 80’s were amazing with the toy lines that were created, many of which were designed and marketed, and then followed by a TV show, cartoon, or comic series. The toy shelves were filled with toys that covered every genre and captured our wild imaginations. There was nothing wrong with our soldiers fighting side by side with our powerful space wizards to battle the evil skeleton faced baddy bent on world domination.

This brings me to my point; if a toy isn’t attached to a license of some sort nowadays it doesn’t get sold or even created. We have only ourselves to blame for watching those endless hours of Gi Joe, He Man, Care Bears (you know ya did!), Go-Bots, etc, etc, etc, now the big companies, Mattel, Hasbro, and others don’t create new toys out of the blue, they create toy lines that are based on pre-existing and established characters, where’s the imagination????

I find it very disappointing today that the companies who are supposed to encourage thinking and creativit  y are so closed minded and bottom line concerned that they won’t even try something new or outside of the box.


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