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I have to admit, before I do this spotlight…. I have had it out for Windows 8. My previous experience with it, in a nutshell, was that it was NOT made for desktops and laptops. With this review? I’m re-affirming that, but in a good way. Windows 8.1 Pro was made for THIS product…

Recently, I had the chance to purchase the Microsoft Surface 3. I got the full package:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i7 8GB/256GB Bundle

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Small Business Bundle – Docking Station, Surface Pro Type Cover, Surface Pen, Intel Core i7, 256GB Storage, Windows 8.1, 12″ HD 2160 x 1440, USB 3.0 – FR7-00001

I got to go ALL out… The best of the best. i7, 256GB Solid State? Yeah, I lucked out. It was purchased to do troubleshooting and support work for my plant. I run the networks at three plants, two of them in other states. Wireless and more. I thought this Surface would do great. Let me have the laptop, but also turn into a tablet to walk around with… and still let me use all the Microsoft Tools (and more) that I am used to using!



First, the keyboard is amazing. I took a day or so to get used to it. But that’s it. It clicks with this satisfying ‘pop’ noise, and I love it. It’s slightly addicting. I have actually looked for excuses to type on it! I also enjoy the ‘click’ it makes when it connects to the tablet. The magnet is great and works really well. The Pro 3, let’s you actually angle the keyboard with an extra magnet… which is really nice, and useful. The keyboard is worth the money…


The tablet is great too. It’s a little heavy, but I sort of expected that. I did notice that using it for video or CPU intensive stuff, really causes it to get hot. The fans are vented along the edges of the laptop, which is nice, because it let’s you use it on your lap or in bed without blocking the fans. But it DOES get hot. That may be due to the fact that I have an i7 processor? Other than that, the only thing I had an issue was with getting used to a tablet being ‘Windows’.. and not Android. I’m used to the back button, the settings button and more for Android.. I kept looking for those on the Surface. It took a bit to get used to. This forced me to get used to the Windows 8.1 ‘Metro’ screen/look.. and it works once you get used to it. Windows 8 was made for this.

All in all, I love the product. The pen worked great, but I didn’t find myself using it much. I think as I begin to use the tablet in more of a business meeting setting, I will start to make use of it and maybe OneNote.

There is ONE thing I wish they could do better. Provide an easier option to use as a laptop when not sitting at table. To be a true laptop AND a tablet, that would be nice. The kickstand works GREAT on a flat surface. But I I want to sit in bed and use the keyboard, I have to prop some blankets up on my legs for the kickstand to rest on it, and not have the tablet flip backwards because of the weight.

I am actually sitting here writing this review on the Surface, and I love it. I’m sitting in bed and using the kickstand just like I described above.

The wireless works great, the blue tooth worked great, the keyboard worked great, the touchscreen worked great, the pen worked great. The speed is awesome! I even made use of the MAIL app and calendar app with Exchange. If anyone else has had some experience with it, leave some comments!! Ask some questions, and I’ll answer!


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