Media Creates Fake Controversy For Star Wars The Force Awakens #blackstormtrooper #racism   <——————- Racism in Star Wars??????????????

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Racism about the Star Wars Trailer? For real? I hadn’t heard about any racism. I DID hear about some legit questions from fans.


Question: Why is a Storm Trooper being shown as a black man?

For any, semi-versed Star Wars fan, this is a legit question. If you grew up watching the ‘recent’ trilogy by Lucas, you are well aware that Storm Troopers are ‘clones’. They are clones of ONE man. This man looks nothing like the actor John Boyega. This is the reason people were asking the question I listed above. It has NOTHING to do with RACISM!

There he is boys and girls… the Jengo Fett that ALL Storm Troopers were cloned from. So…. logically, people asked why there was a BLACK storm trooper?!?!?

Now, real fanboys will point out a few things.

1. In the original trilogy, Luke makes mention of his friends Biggs and Tank, joining the Academy. (Deleted scenes also show references to being a pilot.)  This shows that the Empire was ‘expanding’ the clone army to include rrecruits.

2. The next film takes place 30+ years from the last trilogy. We have NO idea what has happened to the Storm Troopers, or how they have evolved.

3. John Boyega may just be ‘dressed’ up as a Storm Trooper… a lot like Han and Luke did. We DON’T KNOW!! We just have rumors..


So, there are legit, logical reasons for a Storm Trooper being black. NONE of the questioning had to do with racism! Main Characters have been black all through the Star Wars movies! No one has ever said anything. This is just another example of Media exploiting Geek Culture for a story.

People went crazy for this trailer. We loved the tease, we loved debating every little item on the screen. This was just one of those items. It had nothing to do with racism. It had EVERYTHING to do, with Geeks being Geeks… questioning story continuity, and reason. Same thing happened with the lightsaber….

So, in my words to the media?




Geek Jason


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  1. Edward Kozak says:

    Excellent points my friend! Not to mention that it was also hinted in expanded stories, that the Empire was starting to use others for clones aside from Jango.

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