May the 4th Be With You! My Awesome Wife, #starwars, #starwarsday, #geekgirl

Who has the most awesome wife a geek could ask for?

That’s right, This guy!

First Happy Star Wars day everyone!

I came home from work today, my wife had grilled burgers and hot dogs, and this was what was on the table!

IMG_20150504_174340700_HDR We had a Yodamelon, Vader Taters, and my son decorated Hot Dog buns as Chewbacca!

IMG_20150504_174355528_HDR IMG_20150504_174348360_HDR IMG_20150504_174359374_HDR


It was an excellent dinner, what fun! Thanks to my beautiful wife for putting up with and participating in Geeking out! I love you!


Geek Ed




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