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MarZak Toyz has released a new limited 1/6 scale action figure line. The BRiTS hails tribute to the iconic original GiJoe, the grand daddy of all action figures. The figures each come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, detailed uniform, headgear, boots, rifle, knife with sheath, belt, canteen and cover, pipe, and other accessories, and a custom flocked head on a vintage style body with the Jolly Good Grip. All of this is packaged in an exclusive coffin box with beautiful, unique art work. There are currently two figures available with more in the pipeline if these are successful.

The first figure is Oswald. Oswald is an explorer of the ancient tombs, especially those of Egypt. He has a degree in Archaeology and a craving for discovering the unknown. He firmly believes that there is nothing a spot of tea cannot fix.

The second figure is Nigel. Nigel likes things dirty and sweaty, he’s stood face to face with a tiger, out ran an angry gorilla, and wrestled a giant snake and lived to tell the tale. He prefers to be where the brush is thick and you never know what could be lurking right in front of you that you cannot see.


MarZak Toyz is now open!

The British are Coming!
Pre-Orders are now officially open.

The BRiTS figure sets of Nigel and Oswald are $225 (for both figures) plus shipping. Shipping is based on location.
Each figure is fully dressed with accessories and comes on a vintage Joe type body, fully flocked head, and Jolly Good Grip hands! All this in a custom coffin box with matching hand numbered COA. Only 25 sets to be made. 2 have already sold.

Ship date on your figure set will be 6-8 weeks from time of payment. Why so long? Figure orders are filled at the time of order. Plus these are all hand made by Lyle and myself. So, we aren’t Hasbro just a couple of bros doing this for the shear joy of it.

Our team leader Reginald will be our next figure offered after this release. Not taking orders for him at this time.

Pre-Order information please contact me via PM or email me at:

Thank you and take care!

MArZak ToyZ

Jase Marshall
Lyle Kozak


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