MARCH 8, 2017


Logan is everything you would want for one last ride. Unless you wanted a cinematic event you could take the whole family to geek out at.  That’s not this movie.


Language: Lots of it. Mostly vulgar, but the dialogue in between is honest and feels emotionally vulnerable.  No poorly written superhero catchphrases.


Violence: Oh yes! (Blood, death and much more.)


Note: Not based 100% on comic book canon. Purists will be offended. General fans of the character will be forgiving if they aren’t in shock when the movie ends.  There were few people recovering at the end of the movie in the theater.  Take a moment to wait for the credits to roll;  no teasers, but Johnny Cash is played during the end credits and that is always worth staying for.

Sexual Content: Brief nudity.

Theme: WARNING! SPOILERS. The movie has been out for like 4 days which is an eternity so…

Both aging and sick, Logan and Charles are laying low with Caliban (An albino mutant tracker) in Mexico while Logan moonlights as a limo driver for cash and black market meds. The meds are to keep Charles’s seizures in check. (Which happen to have bad consequences for anyone around him when they do happen.)  Mutant kind has dwindled as there have been no new mutants born in 25 years due to a man-made virus and any mutants still living are either quickly becoming eligible for the senor coffee discount at McDonald’s or are in hiding.

The plot really starts to take shape when a woman begins to hound Logan for help with a little girl named Laura.  This causes the bad guys (A corporation called Transigen – Involved in creating human weapons by cloning mutants) and the Reavers (Transigen muscle, not the savage cannibals from Firefly), and X24 (Wolverine clone) to also hound Logan. This makes Logan even crankier than he was at the beginning of the movie.

Logan, once again, becomes the reluctant hero in helping his clone X23, AKA Laura, his daughter, reach Eden; a supposed safe haven for kids like her. Note, there are a group of kids who are clones of mutants that were supposed to be exterminated by Transigen workers when the new weapon, X24, seemed to better meet the company’s bottom line.

As the movies progresses, Logan finds something he had been missing his whole life. I believe that by the end of the movie, Logan is finally at peace with himself. We will leave it up to you to find figure out what that was.

Okay, so, Professor X dies.  It’s sad.  Logan dies.  That’s sad too. But…while we find out it’s the Adamantium that is poisoning Logan to death, why did his mutant healing factor actually stop working? It’s my biggest gripe with the whole flick! 

Bottom line is that this is a good movie that does the couple X-Men characters that are in it, justice. It only has a few lose ends that won’t take away from the viewers experience. Don’t, I repeat, don’t take your offspring to see it with you.  This film is rated R for very good reasons.


Wolverine is the best at what he does and what he does isn’t pretty bub.

Let us know what you think of the movie in the comments below.


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