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My family and I took a short vacation over Memorial Day Weekend and spent two beautiful nights in Jellystone Park, in North Java, NY. My good friend Joe came along for the weekend but being as busy as I was, grilling and relaxing, I didn’t have time to go out with Joe anywhere; We were hoping to go exploring for awhile. Luckily my son and daughter stepped in and decided to take Joe out for some fun and show him around a little bit. I believe my 9yr old son and 12 yr old daughter shared camera duties and did a good job snapping some pics of Joe out and about.

Here’s Joe checking out the cabin, he did a good job making sure we didn’t have any uninvited guest hiding in the small spaces.

JSP Joe JSP Joe1

Joe then decided to take a little stroll down to the water park and beach for relaxing in the sun!

JSP Joe6 JSP Joe5 JSP Joe4 JSP Joe3


After a nice afternoon siesta on the beach chair, it was time for some exploring. First Joe explored the buildings by the beach and then found a small cave to go in and check out. My son said Joe told him he needed a picture with the sign which told us the row our cabin was in.

JSP Joe7JSP Joe8JSP Joe9

Once they all returned to the cabin and I was grilling up some burgers on the charcoal, Joe was waiting, quite impatiently mind you, to get a fire started so he could make S’mores.

JSP Joe2

Even though he can be a bit bossy and impatient Joe is always ready to help me out. Getting the door open so we can start packing up on the last day and of course I had to fight with him about how he can’t drive because he can’t see or reach the pedals. shhh(I let him do a little steering on the way out of the camp site……

JSP Joe900JSP Joe90

All in all my family and I had a great relaxing weekend, Jellystone Park was a great place to go and unwind and relieve some stress.



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