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I figured this was a great place to feature my friend’s work. Angelo not only collects and customizes 1/6 scale figures; he also makes custom comic books using pictures he has taken of his figures. His building skills are not easily matched and he is magic with a camera. Angelo’s work has also been featured as window displays for a local store in his hometown.

GiJoe Comic Collection GiJoe Adventure Team

How did all of this start?
“The comics came about after I had made a ten foot bridge using bamboo garden stakes…boy was that a job…anyway, I took pictures of JOE on the bridge with a gorilla and added some dialogue bubbles…it snowballed from there and I am now up to 17 completed episodes and I am working on a Cthulhu story line next.”

GiJOe Gorilla bridge

Is there a time line to your comics?
“All the episodes build on the previous one and are about the main character JOE who has adventures all around the globe.”

GiJoe The CommanderJoe ComicsGiJOe Arctic Commander

How can I get my own GiJOe Custom Comic Books?
” I make printed copies to sell directly from me or on Ebay. I have recently started down the road of selling them digitally as well.”

What kind of prices do you charge for these?
“… I charge $4 per episode plus shipping or $44 for all ten including the shipping. The newest ones 11-17 are much larger but am only charging $1 more for printed versions $5 each and $4 for digital. If I added in my time and energy…I would be losing money. Not trying to make it rich, really want to get JOE in the hands of more people!”

How can people contact you?
“Any questions or comic requests can be directed to buildadiorama2@gmail.com.”

Angelo is part of many different Facebook GiJoe and 1/6 scale groups. For more of Angelo’s work read the story from the Patches of Pride Joe Report. The Joe Report, Patches of Pride

Here are a few more examples of Angelo’s comic book pages. I have recently a digital copy of one and my son and I have enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Worth every penny!

Don’t Forget to order email: buildadiorama2@gmail.com.

GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic GiJoe Custom Comic


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