Just How Big Were They?

So as a kid, I always imagined the ships in Star Wars being like the size of planets. I mean, wasn’t one them actually supposed to BE a planet? (Death Star..)

Thankfully, someone went through the trouble of rendering just exactly what some of these ships would look like in places we are familiar with. It’s not easy guessing the size of a Star Destroyer against a fantasy city in Naboo..

I have to say, just the preview to the clip above is cool. It’s so very… Independence Day!

Now, some of these ships are just so cool. I can’t tell if this video makes me appreciate them more, or takes away from the ‘ooh that is so cool’ feeling I still feel every time I watch a Star Wars movie.

P.S. Don’t get tooooooo triggered by the pronunciation in this video. Wait until the end to see why.. : )


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