James Gunn Directing Suicide Squad Sequel

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According to the story over at the BBC , James Gunn is confirmed as writing the next movie in the Suicide Squad saga. With all the fallout from James Gunn’s Marvel and Guardian’s of the Galaxy stuff, what are your thoughts on this?

Does Gunn have the staying power to bring a MUCH needed boost to the DC Universe? Or is Suicide Squad destined to stay on it’s plunge to the bottom of the ocean?

One of the great things Gunn has done in the past, was bring characters that were not thought of as being able to work together OR appeal to the public, to a place that we all hold dear in our hearts. That could actually work for DC and the Suicide Squad. If he has success with SS, do you think DC would look to have him involved in other DC movies? What would Gunn do with Justice League? Man of Steel? 

Sure, we are probably just WILDLY speculating here… but isn’t that part of the fun?

Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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