Holodeck VR Them Park? #virtual #epic

Take my money and never take me home.

There have been plenty of claims to virtual reality. Many ideas, start ups, attempts and more. Ever since watching fantasy come to life on Star Trek’s Holodeck, I have dreamed of the day it would be available for real. I mean, communicators, tables and sensors have all come to real life, WHEN is the VR happening???? Well, “The Void” is adding itself to the long list of claims to accomplish this “vision”.


Now, I will be the first to say… this is all ‘concept’ so far. Everything I am reading and watching is just that.. reading and watching. It’s not up and running yet. Well, not all of it. But from the demos online and the fact that we know these things are possible; I’m more apt to get on board with this.

The fact that it is in a theme park, seems like a good idea. Virtual hardware is expensive. This means you can pay for the experience, not the hardware you would be required to own at home.


Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!


P.S. Just because it’s cool.. this thing lets you see what it’s like to ‘fly’ in your dreams..



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