Holiday Season Comes too Soon? #HalloweenEnds #ChristmasBegins

It seems like every year the stores start putting Christmas decorations out earlier and earlier. This year stores like, Walgreens, Walmart and Target all had stuff for Christmas out before Halloween was even over. This begs the question to me, why? Why must we hurry the holidays up to get here? Why does it seem like there is a vast amount of consumerism in today’s society?

Normally, I’m not one to complain, as I like having my Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Geek Girl Christmas

Geek Girl’s Christmas Tree 2013

Let’s face it, it’s easier to get all your black Friday treasures wrapped and under the tree and have a whole month of relaxing to do.  However, I’m really getting sick of seeing all these decorations out before Halloween is even over.  Today I walked into a store, only to find that there were three aisles full of Christmas decorations already, and only a single six foot by two foot stand about three and a half feet high that had Thanksgiving Decorations.  I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure that Thanksgiving comes first before Christmas.  Now I’m not saying that Christmas decorations shouldn’t be put out before Thanksgiving.  I like to get a jump start on the whole thing too, but can we for heaven’s sake, please try to wait until at least November 1st?  I’d like to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving a bit before all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

What are all of your thoughts on the holiday decor?  Would you like stores to wait as well, so you can have some time to enjoy the other  holidays that come before them?  Sound off in the replies below!

Happy Thanksgiving and holidays ahead!

~xo Geek Girl, Ana


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