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Have ya ever thought about reflocking an old Gi Joe Adventure Team Figure? Well if you answered yes, then read on my friend!!

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and my fascination with Gi Joe started when I was very young. My brother had many of the Adventure Team figures and stuff and I received a very few at the very end of the AT line. I was so obsessed with the Gi Joes that for many years growing up I thought you had to have a bread to be a soldier! From there I went on to Super Joe and then to the RAH line. My favorite has always been the Adventure Team though. For many years I was buying and trading figures and always wanted to learn how to Re-Do the flocking on their heads. For those of you who have forgotten:

Joe_vs_Intruder Gi Joe Land Adventurer 1 Gi Joe Land Adventurer 2

This is the very first figure I redid the flocked hair on, not to bad for a first attempt.

In order to learn how to do this I had to do a lot of research, thank the lord for Google! I found three very helpful sites and I thought I would share them with the Geek community.

The first site I found was one that I have referenced and purchased from a few times and they have some really amazing products.


This is the very basic way of doing the flock without spending money on an electrostatic machine. It works and that is exactly how I do all of my heads with a few minor changes to their process.

In place of the fabric glue they use, I use an epoxy glue from Loctite:

Loctite glue I have found this glue to work amazingly! Another difference between my process and PoP’s is that I use a little piece of fine sand paper to scuff up the plastic before glueing the flock on. The sandpaper roughs up the plastic which gives the glue more surface area to adhere to.

The fibres I get are died exactly to match the 1970 Gi Joe’s. These come from an online company that sells all sorts of flocking and flocking equipment, as well as glue. I’ve placed several orders with them and they are excellent to deal with!


Here is another figure I did. This figure came to me in a lot where someone had tried (poorly) to remove his hair and give him a “bald” appearance. So I flocked him to represent an Air Adventurer figure.

Gi JOe Air Adventurer Of course some people like to be able to do more flocking or follow the same sort of process Hasbro did back in the 70s thanks to Pallitoy. Pallitoy was the UK based company that originated the flocking for the Gi Joe size figures; they were under license from Hasbro to manufacture a Joe like figure for England; this line was Action Man, Joes Brother.

For the more discerning flocker and techniques on how to build a homemade flocking system you can read the following forum. It is filled with all sorts of good information on glue, processes, and equipment.


Here is another figure from Dragon Models that I flocked a beard on to, yes I like figures with beards, I’m weirdo-so what!

ATV2 IMG_20141016_081720

and this guy was a standard anniversary Gi Joe that I did a mixture of Black and Silver Flock to give him a more “aged” appearance. I really like the way they came out.

LA Gi JOE Custom Gi JOe Adventurer

Remember it’s all about fun and experimenting. I practiced on a few joe heads I had that were in really bad shape to perfect my techniques, so give it a shot. Ya never know what you will end up with.


Geek Ed



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