Hello Kitty… Is Not A Cat…Say What? #hellokitty #cat

Well… What has cat ears, cat whiskers, is called…a kitty… but isn’t a cat?


Apparently, Hello Kitty. According to the company that currently owns the rights to the Hello Kitty name, the Japanese Icon is NOT a feline.

I honestly don’t know what to say on this. I understand the cat girl stuff and anime related stuff that has its roots in Japanese Animation. But I truly don’t understand how you could say that Hello Kitty, is not a kitten.

Anyhow, here is the story posted over at Fox News.

Is She A Cat?


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  1. Edward Kozak says:

    What also was the star of their cartoon tilted Hello Kitty and Her Furry Adventures? Which also starred the antagonist named Cat Nip, sounds kind of feline-ish to me.

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