Hacksaw Jack; Walker Stalker’s most rugged and funniest “Rick”

Fans of the popular The Walking Dead show are starting their own tribe known as ‘Walker Stalker”.  We here at Watchtower Geeks were able to track down one of the hardest working members of the Walker Stalker Con circuit.


Watchtower GeeksWhat drew you to the Walking Dead?

Haksaw Jack It’s funny because I never watched it until right before Season 3 started.  The idea of a “zombie” show didn’t really appeal to me because it sounded cheesy.  But I kept hearing how awesome it was so I decided to check out the pilot on Netflix.  The pilot hooked me and I watched the entire 1st season in 2 nights!


WG– Have you read the graphic novels?

HJ– After becoming a fan of the show, I decided to check out the graphic novels.  I got the first two compendiums and started right from the beginning.  I was surprised to see how much darker and grim the storyline was in the comics.  After finishing the first compendium and wrapping up the Governor arc, I had to take a break because I was emotionally drained!  After a couple months, I jumped into compendium 2 and am now caught up!


WGWhere there any other zombie influence for you prior to the Walking Dead?

HJ– Not really.  I’d seen some of the cult classics like Dawn of the Dead and Sean of the Dead but I never really considered myself to be a huge fan of the “zombie genre” until the Walking Dead.


WGAt what time did you wake up and say to the mirror “oh crap I look like Rick?”

Norman 'Freak'n' ReddusHJ– Well, my journey into the Ricktatorship was quite a process.  When I first decided to put together a Rick Grimes costume, I was clean shaven with a #2 fade haircut!  So as I began to locate pieces for my costumes, I started growing out my hair and beard.  My original costume included the cowboy hat which was helpful to hide my awkward “in-between” hair.  I grew my hair out for 8 months before I debuted the “hatless” Season 3 Rick!  I’m still not sure if I look much like Andrew Lincoln but I try my best to make up the difference by having detailed and authentic costumes.


WG Is there process to go from mild manor “Hacksaw Jack” to “Rick Grimes protector of the group”?

HJ– Not as much as you might think.  Of course I try to emulate some of his stances, moves and facial expressions because it makes for good pictures but the majority of my time in costume is BEING Hacksaw Jack which is my own interpretation on this character.  I consider myself more of a parody of Rick Grimes rather than an actual Rick Grimes impersonator.


WGHow did you get into Walker Stalker?

HJ– It started with a simple email to James and Eric with pictures of my crew.  It turned into a cool partnership and it’s been great to be a part of every Walker Stalker Convention since the beginning.


WGThis years Walker Stalker Con in Boston you were billed right along with the stars of The Walking Dead. What was that experience like?Hacksaw Jack Boston

HJ It was a lot different than normal.  I mean as a cosplayer you are used to people wanting to take pictures with you because you are a cosplayer.  It was a little different having people wanting to take pictures with me because I’m Hacksaw Jack! Ultimately it was lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to participate in some of WSC’s social media campaigns.


WGYou have quite following on social media

HJ– It’s just sort of grown over time.  People enjoy sharing pictures that they have taken and apparently people are also interested in what I have to say about certain things.  I’ve been doing written reviews on my Facebook page about the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy.  I guess people like my take on it.


WGI hear you are staring in a very anticipated box office smash parody. What can you tell us about it?

HJ-YES!! A month ago I went to Nashville with some friends of mine to film a Walking Dead parody music video called “Talk Dead To Me” (Parody of “Talk Dirty To Me”).  It was just released on 8/24 and it’s getting some great reactions from people on social media!


WGSpeaking of movies you are also in a Documentary called The Walkers Among Us. How did you get involved with that project?

HJ– I got in touch with the director of the documentary through a mutual friend/cosplayer.  Cris Macht, the director, is making this film to showcase the fans of the Walking Dead and I think cosplayers are the most die hard fans there are!  So Cris is doing a whole section of the film about myself and other cosplayers. I’m excited to see this film and I encourage everyone to check it out their page on Facebook!

Walkers Amoung Us- Facebook Page


WG Whats in store for Hacksaw Jack?

HJ– I’m still constantly evolving my Rick Grimes cosplay but I’m also hoping to expand my episode reviews in the pop culture world.  I’m hoping to expand my reviews from a simple Facebook post to and actual video cast through my Youtube Channel (HakSawJak).  It’s still an idea in the works so hopefully you’ll see it come to fruition once the Walking Dead show starts back in October.  And the other big news for October is the arrival of my son, Jude!  Or maybe Hacksaw Jude…. 


Visit www.walkerstalkercon.com to keep an eye out for the list of appearances at the next Walker Stalker Con.

Keep tabs on Hacksaw Jack  on Facebook at www.facebook.com/haksawjak, and congrats to him and Mrs. Hacksaw Jack on the new little Hacksaw





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