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Good Afternoon All!


I finally had the pleasure of seeing The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Geek Ed will be writing a review on the movie itself, so be on the lookout for that! This review is purely from a Parent standpoint. (That being said, I LOVED the movie….)


Language: The movie had a fair amount of language in it. Although it was not noticeable if you didn’t have kids with you. No, it didn’t have the “harsher” words in it, that some of Marvel’s has in the past. But the frequency of the middle of the ground swear words was actually more than I expected. There is a scene that shows the main character using the middle finger as well…

Violence: High amounts! But not in a way that is graphic. Most of the violence comes in the form of explosions and hand to hand combat. There are “two” scenes you can be concerned about as a parent. The movie does start off with a ‘beheading’, fairly early. But Marvel does a good job of not actually showing it, although it is implied. The other scene comes with an infinity stone is touched by a ‘non godlike’ being. The person is then ripped to pieces by the power. the process looks like a digital ‘decomposing’ in slow motion. It’s not technically graphic, but it can be a bit frightening for young kids.

Sexual Content: Not much… thankfully. There is a few shots of tight clothing, and some implied references. But nothing graphic, and no scenes that put anything in front of children that shouldn’t be.

Theme: The theme of the movie is friendship, overcoming evil, and “good” winning out over bad… Typical redemption and moral story arc. Well, typical in a good way.


Hope that gives you something to go on if you want to know if your children should watch it! I enjoyed the movie. It was nice to see an “epic” movie with as much laughs, good vs bad, and fun as this movie brought! Indiana Jones verse Star Wars verse The Last Starfighter.



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  1. Edward Kozak says:

    Excellent parental review J. My son is 8 and the only part of the movie that he found “scary” was the part of the digital decomposing that happened when the infinity stone was touched.

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