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This past Sunday we had my Daughter’s 12th birthday party at my in law’s house. My daughter had a few friends over, of course, and my son had a friend over as well. After the party’s festivities were done, candles blown out, cake eaten, and presents opened, my son and his friend wanted the girls to play hide and seek. The girls wanted no part of this as they were busy with, uh…whatever little girls do….

I was sitting at the big oak dining room table digesting birthday cake that stuffed down on top of too much pizza and wings when my son came with his friend. “Dad, he said, we’re bored!” “You are at a party with a friend; how can you be bored?” I asked. He continued to tell me the story of how the girls locked him and the friend out of the room where they were. It then hit me, a light bulb went off, Paper Football, the table is perfect for it! My brother in law, who was sitting next to me, got some paper and made a couple of perfectly folded paper footballs.

My brother in Law and I sat there and played for a little while as my son and friend watched with wide eyed enthusiasm. I explained to him back when we were kids we didn’t have tablets and phones that were filled with games so we had to play games we could make cheap and were easy to play. My son and his friend played that game for a good hour and half until his friend had to leave, taking with him a paper football and the knowledge of how to play!

Paper football champ paper football field Paper football

I learned a valuable lesson that day; in this world of easy access technology it is so easy for us just to pull out our phones and give them to our children for entertainment. We end up missing out a some fun quality time that is more fun and meaningful to them than we could ever imagine. I don’t remember playing this much paper football since study hall in high school many years ago.


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