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Welcome to this week’s Forgotten Friday, been a few Fridays since our last one! Sorry, we’ll have to do better! This week’s Forgotten Friday is another edition of Just Joe-in.

A couple of months ago my best buddy, my son asked me to get him a GiJoe Astronaut, He loves Space! So I began the hunt, I couldn’t find a single Joe Astronaut for a reasonable price. I didn’t want to pay collector’s price for something he was ultimately going to play with until it falls apart. I decided to make him one. All of the stuff I had to buy that I didn’t have already laying around cost me a total $8.00. It all started one day about two weeks ago. I was sitting in the living room and under one of the chairs I saw one of those bubble gum machine plastic things that little toys come in. I was like, ding ding ding, light bulb moment! From there I buit him an astronaut complete with helmet, and removable jetpack back pack. All the hoses and the inside of the helmet glow in the dark as well. Without further ado, here’s the pics!

The humble beginnings

IMG_20150414_224345743 IMG_20150414_224410208 IMG_20150416_231417390 IMG_20150416_231429815


Phase two

IMG_20150423_231735762 IMG_20150423_231729249 IMG_20150420_225300267

The final product

DSC02883 DSC02882 DSC02881 DSC02880 DSC02879 IMG_20150423_231830215



And it does glow! Barely see it, I know



Fun build, I can’t until tomorrow when give it to him.


Enjoy and keep on Joe-in!




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