The Flash – Good Show, but typical CW #theflash #cw

The Flash – Good Show, but Typical CW

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There are a lot of good things to say about the superhero shows on the CW. First and foremost, is that there are superhero shows on the CW! One of my favorites has always been ‘The Flash‘.


The major problem with this show is that it is like every other CW hero show, campy. I don’t mean campy as in bad acting or weak plot lines. I mean campy as in…well, ok, bad acting and plot lines. Before you hand me, hear me out. The acting isn’t bad in itself, it just isn’t really who the characters are! Berry Allen is a fantastic character in the comics. But this show has turned him into an emotional, NOT funny, shadow of who The Flash has always been.

Each character in his life on the show has had the same thing done to them. Dark, brooding, no energy characters that do no justice to the Justice League characters of the comics. I DO like the show! But I have to force myself to swallow my conceptions of the canon characters and embrace an emo style show that gnaws at me…

Besides the fact that in some shows The Flash can move so fast he can go through time, stop a bullet or go the France for a follow in 8 seconds… but can’t out run a freeze gun or get the jump on whatever ‘meta human’ is showing up on that episode.


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Anyone else have thoughts on this?


Oh, on a good note? I love the new Harrison Wells in this season.

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