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What do we want? Dune! When do we want it? Right Now! Duh!


Can I get a witness?! Someone help me out with this one.

In an age of franchise reboots, remakes, and reloads why hasn’t anyone touched Frank Herbert’s

Dune? We have had several Hulk remakes; none with Mark Ruffalo who is my favorite Bruce Banner.

80’s TV shows remade into silver screen adaptions like The A-Team. I admit bias to this

particular film as I have a Liam Neisen bromance going on.

LOTR had a revival that also spawned 3 additional movies for The Hobbit which was a long time coming.

Batman rose from the ashes, 21 Jumpstreet was given a sequel of all things, and Star Wars… save that for

another article we shall.


I digress, let’s get back to the nut of this issue.


Why haven’t we seen Dune remade into an epic cinematic event, complete with a geek ticker tape

parade?! If not on the silver screen, then cable production is an excellent medium (HBO, Sowtime. etc).

A cable series perhaps would be better suited for such an endeavor instead of trying to cram a

meager one film down our throats and make the mistake of its predecessor. Maybe three films is a

possibility? With the right creative mind and a real knowledge of the subject matter 3 films

may do justice to a Dune reboot.


We had the 80’s version with some pretty epic hair and actors like Sir Patrick Stewart

and Max von Sydow which is a cult classic for sure. Then we had the 3 part mini series

SyFy version with William Hurt and Ian McNeice. Again! Another group of excellent actors.  Both

productions were never short of actor ability. There was even a follow up with Children

of Dune on SyFy. Both films are more enjoyable and easier to understand if you read the book.

Then again, it may make things harder to understand as dialogue, lore and cogent plot continuity

due to film time and content restraints produce problems all their own. The bane of every good

filmmaker’s intentions, is trying to stay as true to the extensive Dune cannon. Which is why

one film or a simple miniseries isn’t enough to do Dune justice. As good the intentions of

the previous attempts have been the road to bad movie/franchise hell is paved with good

intentions. But we have so much more muscle in film and special effects now. Can you say

3D Sandworm?



Why hasn’t this happened? We have the technology people! I have been waiting too long to see Dune

rebooted…and so have you.

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Article Contributed by: Matt Tonello


Go check out the concept art we linked to above, here!  http://geektyrant.com/news/incredible-dune-concept-art

That stuff is amazing!


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