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No matter how many times I see dudeiwantthat.com I can’t stop browsing. As a geek, it’s the Holy Grail of Geekdom. You can order anything, and I mean anything.


Yes, that’s right.. You can buy a Tron Light Cycle!!! Sorry, the girl doesn’t come with it.




Gambit aint got nothing on these throwing knife playing cards!

When I was a kid, my favorite bike of all time, was the Big Wheel…


This just made Big Wheels Adult Friendly. Seriously! This website is amazing, and sure to get you in debt and in trouble with the spouse.

If anything, the website offers incredible time wasting offers and pictures. Otherwise, you can find stuff you didn’t even know existed. You will totally be saying, “Dude, I want that…”


Take the time to check them out!








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