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Daddy Daughter Date


The weekend was coming to an end and I was feeling pretty tired. It was a productive few days and we just finished having a few friends visit that Sunday afternoon! I was sitting in the living room with my wife and kids, feeling pretty relaxed. My daughter asked, “Dad, are we going anyplace tonight?” Now, you have to understand that we had been “going” all day. Church in the morning, picking up lunch, visitors all day. It was a pretty hectic (but good) day! “No…” I answered. A few minutes later, I was on my way to a “Daddy Daughter Date”, per my kiddo’s request.

The plan:

Drive to Tim Hortons, order Hot Chocolate and play some rowdy rounds of “UNO”!

So, off we went! Listen, my daughter actually WANTS to spend time with me! There is no way I was saying no. I don’t care how tired I was!

We pulled into the parking lot and noticed that we were the only ones! Perfect! The whole Tim Hortons to ourselves! When we approached the door, I didn’t even get to open it for my daughter! She proudly stated, “I can do it myself dad..”, and proceeded to open them for me, instead!

Inside, I was a bit startled. There were smoke alarms going off and a haze throughout the whole place! Apparently, someone burnt a bagel… 😉  The employees didn’t seen to even let it phase them. “Can I help you?”

A few minutes later, coats off, gloves off and hot chocolate covered in whip cream at our fingertips, we began what is now going to be, our new tradition!

Six hands later, I was up, 4 games to 2! I’m sure you are wondering why I am proud of that, over a six year old… Let me tell you why.


My daughter has a memory like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory! She will kick your butt at any game she plays and she knows if you let her win! She will also fight, cheat and kick in every game she plays.. I blame my Mother-In-Law for that one. (Inside joke, sorry everyone…)

After we finished up, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my daughter had slipped a note over to me when I wasn’t looking. She was peering over the table at it while trying not to let me know she was watching.

I quickly snapped a photo and she saw me right away. “Daaaad!” was her instant response. “What?” I said. “I want to remember this forever!” She then proceeded to write me another note, dictating the days left before our ‘next’ Tim Hortons night…and the next…and the next..


So, now I have a new tradition that I absolutely LOVE! Looking forward to it!

There are just some things you can never understand until you are a Dad. I never knew how much I could/would love spending time with my kids.



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