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Geek Girls Christmas Eye-Opener

Something new about geek girl you probably didn’t already know. I’m a volunteer firefighter and EMT for my local fire department.

Unfortunately, Thursday morning,  approximately 5 am, we were toned out for report of a structure fire 2 miles down the road from me.  Upon arriving at the scene, the house was totally engulfed.  We weren’t able to save the pets, but the people all made it out safely.  And once the fire was brought under control, we salvaged what we could from Christmas presents.  Thankfully the fire started in the back of the house, and the things in the front of the house only had minimal smoke and water damage.  So we formed a line from the front of the door to the cab of a fire truck and put as many presents as we could in there.

They have three children; 2 twin girls age 12, and 1 younger at age 6.  Unfortunately, we were unable to save the house, but we were able to salvage something for them for Christmas.  Another local department  had a food drive the previous weekend and normally they donate the food from that to local food banks/churches. This year all food that was taken in was taken and given to the family.  It was amazing to see all of us come together and help someone out like that.

I’ve debated for awhile now quitting the department, doing something else.  Had many inside struggles with myself about the department, and Thursday morning made me realize why I do what I do.  How blessed, and lucky I am to have what I have in my life.  And what the true spirit and meaning of Christmas is.

All the scrooge-ness, and bah-humgs this season seem so petty and not worth it.  I was touched with the Christmas spirit yesterday morning, and I’ll never forget ever again what it all means.

~xo Geek Girl Ana


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