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In the past, I have enjoyed a lot of superhero TV shows on the CW… forcing myself to ignore plot holes and the way the always make a “super villain’ available on every episode. But one of the things that the CW DID get right, was that spent time developing the backstory of most of their characters.

CBS did take one thing from CW though.. they found a way to introduce a super-villain in EVERY upcoming episode…

There were parts of the show that I really liked and other parts that felt so rushed and corny, I almost felt like I needed to change the station. I am a huge Superman fan. So by proxy, I have a thing for Supergirl. Even with that, I couldn’t force myself to give this show more than 2/5 stars as a review.

  1. The tried to fit 4-5 episodes into one evening. 

Supergirl went from a no-body assistant, to an all out superhero with a finalized costume, in one episode. Oh, and she fought a super villain. Not only did she do that, she was provided with super villains for EVERY upcoming episode! We also found out her sister’s entire back story, a possible ‘love’ crush between her and Jimmy Olsen (Yes, he was introduced already too.), a government agency that hates her but is now working with her, her hero name (Supergirl, duuh..), her arch enemy, her dual identity, her token “IT Guy” friend that can obviously hack anything,…. the list can go on. Seriously… on and on… I mean, like forever. It can keep going and going… Probably take up a lot more space on here. I mean, honestly, I could keep adding to this list and never stop typing. It goes forever…


Supergirl fighting her first super-villain

     2. They didn’t even attempt to make it serious

You got the feel in some parts, that it could make a great show. The office setting, the crazy boss that she looked up to, an interesting setting to play on prime time TV for a superhero. But they did NOTHING to make you feel attached to that setting or to Kara. The cheesy ‘save the world’ lines and references to being a hero were enough to make you gag. The thing is, they could have changed some of the timing or the wording and had it would have worked! If they would have slowed things down, it would have felt more serious and had some meaning.

Not to mention that only three people knew true identity her entire life, and she added two more to that list in just the first episode.


Kara – Jimmy Olsen


Listen, I’m not expecting perfection. I’m not expecting the show to follow cannon or even stick to comics at all! But you can’t make a show about a Superhero and ignore ALL the basics of story-writing, more or less the hero aspects. I’m going to give the show time and hope it does better. A lot of shows have to grow into themselves. But this one seems like it is starting out way behind the 8 Ball…


On a positive note? It was funny, it was ‘fun’ at some spots… and it’s nice to see a Female Superhero get some screen time. It’s also nice to see they didn’t make her dress like a prostitute. Maybe I can wind up letting my daughter watch this.


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