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Watchtower Geeks Moved to New Server #faster

Hey all, Godaddy has kindly moved our server to a new host, and we have seen a significant increase in speed! Thanks godaddy! We received some comments that our site was a bit slow. We noticed that too. Godaddy moved us to a new, more secure location! We have seen immediate improvement! Hopefully everything works better for you!   Geek Jason

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Microsoft Tech Technology Weekly Watch 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Review #weeklywatch #microsoft #surface

Watchtower Weekly Watch I have to admit, before I do this spotlight…. I have had it out for Windows 8. My previous experience with it, in a nutshell, was that it was NOT made for desktops and laptops. With this review? I’m re-affirming that, but in a good way. Windows 8.1 Pro was made for THIS product… Recently, I had the chance to purchase the Microsoft Surface 3. I got the full package: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Small Business Bundle – Docking Station, Surface Pro Type Cover, Surface Pen,…

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Weekly Watch: National Museum of Play, #familytime, #toyhalloffame, #strongmuseum #vintagetoys, #gijoe

Over this past weekend I took my family to the National Museum of Play, formerly the Strong National Museum of Play, in Rochester, NY. It’s about an hour and 45 minutes from where I live. This was the second time I have been. The place is an amazing place filled with everything a kid and a a big kid love. There is a mini Wegman’s Grocery store, kids get to fill their mini carts up with groceries and then cash out at the mini registers. It’s all fake food but…

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Comics Geek Dad Superhero Weekly Watch 

Teach Your Kids to be Superman -Geek Dads #howtodad #smallvilleman

[contentblock id=1 img=code.png]Watchtower Weekly Watch: The Helpless This watch may not fall into the ‘standard’ watch that we usually do here on Watchtower Geeks. But I hope you enjoy. (Bonus video at the bottom of this article – #howtodad ) A few months ago, I wrote a couple articles on what it means to be a dad.   Superman/Superdad – The Aftermath #howtodad #superman #supermom Can I Really Be Dad And Superman? – #superman #howtodad     Since those articles, and the bus accident, I have looked at my life…

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Fantasy Movies Sci-Fi Survival Tech Technology Weekly Watch 

Weekly Watch:, the place for swords, knives, and survival #budk, #hobbitswords, #survivalgear

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have done a Weekly Watch so we figured we owed a couple of good posts! I’ve always been a fan of swords and knives, especially ones from fantasy movies. I have shopped a number of times and have always been very satisfied with their service and delivery, and their prices can’t be beat! Anyone that enjoys survival, fantasy movies, collecting knives, or just likes cool home decor will enjoy Bud K’s offerings. The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield, Orcrist:   The…

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Weekly Watch 

Buffalo Snow Storm 2014 – Storm Knife #snowvember #snowstormknife – Weekly Watch

Every week, we pick something different to highlight or spotlight. We call this, our weekly watch. Today, we are picking the Snow Storm from Buffalo. Not your typical geek choice, but we thought it warranted a look. This storm has broken official records for WNY, and caused so much headache and damage. 12 deaths have been attributed to the storm. We hope the cleanup goes quickly and smoothly! Here is a bunch of pictures that have been posted all over the net. Have fun! First… ThunderSnow.        …

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Comics Fantasy Superhero Weekly Watch 

16th Century Cosplay – Superheros #cosplay #vintage #weeklywatch

Watchtower Weekly Watch There are plentiful amounts of incredible COSPLAY to find on the internet. Watchtower Geek’s trip to SD Comic Con this year, gave direct access to a showcase of some of the best. We just saw ‘this‘ story today though, and had to share!   This was done by photographer, Sacha Goldberger <– FB PAGE WITH MORE PHOTOS!    

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Superhero Uncategorized Weekly Watch 

Happy Veteran’s Day, #veteransday, #military, #armyofone, #marinecorp, #weeklywatch

Every week Watch Tower Geeks features an artist, a comic, a toy, or something that we feel is important to Geekdom. Well; what is more important to Geekdom than freedom? As a Veteran myself I find it especially wonderful for our Veteran’s to be honored on this day. Sadly most of us don’t get the day off of work like teachers, bankers, and school kids, but the “Thank yous” I receive from my three kids, my friends, and random strangers on the street, warms my heart. So from us proud…

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Reviews Weekly Watch 

Geek Clothing – #weeklywatch

For every Geek, there is a tshirt… a sweatshirt… a toy. Today’s Weekly Watch, is centered on the clothing line from Think Geek.     There is the obvious Star Trek Hoodie… standard, epic in its own right. Doctor Who.. nothing needs to be said about how awesome this is..     Iron Man never looked so comfortable!   Standard Armor for all Fantasy Geeks!   The list can go on and on. Go check out Think Geek’s store and have fun. Remember, Christmas is coming… buy that special Geek,…

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Comics Fantasy Weekly Watch 

Brotherhood By Design – Weekly Watch #smallbusiness #weeklywatch

Good Monday Afternoon Everyone! Today, Watchtower Geeks wants to put the spotlight on a start up company called Brotherhood By Design.     Click Here To Find Out and Help Watchtower Geeks loves to see artists get credit, people get recognized, and good deals be found. Here is a great opportunity for a little bit of both. As a Geek, I’m always interested in finding awesome tshirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing. I have even paid a good piece of change to get our Watchtower Geeks tshirts printed. It’s nice to see a…

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