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Throwback Thursday!!! One of my favorite sites #throwbackThursday, #plaidstallions

Let me just say that we here at Watchtower Geeks have no affiliation with this site,  nor do we get anything for promoting it. This just happens to be one of my favorite sites to visit recently. They feature so many toy lines that bring back memories of growing up in the 70s and into the 80s. The one thing I really love on their site is the photo galleries of toy stores from back in the 70s. I remember going to stores as a kid and seeing these exact displays!…

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12 Finalist for Toy Hall of Fame #toys, #fisher-Price, #paper airplane, #American Girl, #Little Green Army Men

The twelve finalist for this years Toy Hall of Fame inductees have been released. Out of these twelve finalist two will be inducted this year. My short list would be: Fisher Price Little People, Little Green Army Men, and the Paper Airplane. Let’s hear your short list in the Comments! 1. Little Green Army Men 2. American Girl 3. The Paper Airplane 4. Pots and Pans 5. Bubbles and Wands 6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7. Fisher Price Little People 8. HESS Trucks 9. Slip n Slide 10. My Little…

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ALS Challenge Video – Mark Zuckerberg Drenches Himself in Ice Water #facebook #ALS

Check out the video by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Regardless of what you think about FB or about Mark, the video is great. He was responding to a challenge from Chris Christi, and did so with style! It’s always nice to see FB being used for something good. Nice change of pace from the soap box arguments, the tabloid adds, and the arguments over duck face photos! Post by Mark Zuckerberg.

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