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Luke’s YouTube Channel, Proud Geek Dad. #geekdad, #gravityfalls, #stopmotin

My son and best buddy’s interest in stop motion video has been going on for a few years. He has been creating them for a while and he is getting better and better. He also has a love for Gravity Falls. All the stuff he shows on his new You Tube Channel was made by him without any help. He now has a 6 foot table and a decent size area in our Man Cave that is set up just for him to do his videos on. I am very…

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Watchtower Geeks Moved to New Server #faster

Hey all, Godaddy has kindly moved our server to a new host, and we have seen a significant increase in speed! Thanks godaddy! We received some comments that our site was a bit slow. We noticed that too. Godaddy moved us to a new, more secure location! We have seen immediate improvement! Hopefully everything works better for you!   Geek Jason

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Awesome Star Wars Original Trilogy Table Lamp! #starwars, #skywalker, #hansolo #bradfordexchange

In the world of us crazy Star Wars fans there are cool products being made all of the time. However; sometimes a product comes along that is so awesome it is a must have. This Original Trilogy Star Wars lamp is so beautiful my wife would even let it be displayed proudly in my living room, unlike the Leg Lamp she hated so much! LOL. Now these are not cheap but oh it would be money well spent!     Geek Ed

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May the 4th Be With You! My Awesome Wife, #starwars, #starwarsday, #geekgirl

Who has the most awesome wife a geek could ask for? That’s right, This guy! First Happy Star Wars day everyone! I came home from work today, my wife had grilled burgers and hot dogs, and this was what was on the table! ¬†We had a Yodamelon, Vader Taters, and my son decorated Hot Dog buns as Chewbacca!   It was an excellent dinner, what fun! Thanks to my beautiful wife for putting up with and participating in Geeking out! I love you!   Geek Ed    

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A Joy of being a Geek Dad! #starlord, #christmasdecorations, #chrispratt, #guardiansofthegalaxy

We have a Santa Clause figurine, a light up star, or an Angel that my daughter made when she was 9 a couple of years ago. These are the traditional tree toppers we usually rotate through, usually… This year it was my sons turn to choose and he always goes for the light up star, not this year. He said “If we can have a star, why not a Star Lord?” So, here it is….Star Lord Peter Quill sits atop my Christmas tree this year, I couldn’t be prouder of…

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Jurassic World Viral Site #Jurassicpark, #trex, #dinosaur

I loved the three original movies, some could’ve been better, but I still loved them. Now with the 4th installment Jurassic world being released there is a new website to go and visit. This is a very cool, realistic site that you wouldn’t believe is part of a movie marketing promotion.   Enjoy! Geek Ed    

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Happy Veteran’s Day, #veteransday, #military, #armyofone, #marinecorp, #weeklywatch

Every week Watch Tower Geeks features an artist, a comic, a toy, or something that we feel is important to Geekdom. Well; what is more important to Geekdom than freedom? As a Veteran myself I find it especially wonderful for our Veteran’s to be honored on this day. Sadly most of us don’t get the day off of work like teachers, bankers, and school kids, but the “Thank yous” I receive from my three kids, my friends, and random strangers on the street, warms my heart. So from us proud…

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Eating the Force for Breakfast #starwars, #breakfast, #darthvader

Here is a soon to be available for sale toaster that any real Star Wars fan needs for his kitchen. This is available through pre-order at a few different online places currently. Now I’ll be able to make toast like Sheldon and truly celebrate Star Wars day next May 4th

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Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Volume 1 to be released on cassette! #guardiansofthegalaxy, #peterquill, #starlord, #awesomemixvol1

Well after reading about this first thing this morning, I couldn’t wait to long to tell everyone about it. Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix Vol 1 from the Guardians of the Galaxy smash hit movie will be released on actual cassette. I have had the digital version since first seeing the movie and it has to be one of the best soundtracks ever. The cassette will be the first cassette released form the studio in over a decade and will be designed to look just like the one Star Lord had…

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