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Awesome Star Wars Original Trilogy Table Lamp! #starwars, #skywalker, #hansolo #bradfordexchange

In the world of us crazy Star Wars fans there are cool products being made all of the time. However; sometimes a product comes along that is so awesome it is a must have. This Original Trilogy Star Wars lamp is so beautiful my wife would even let it be displayed proudly in my living room, unlike the Leg Lamp she hated so much! LOL. Now these are not cheap but oh it would be money well spent!     Geek Ed

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Just Joe-in and being a Geek Dad, What a life! #justjoe-in, #gijoe, #geekdad, #nature

We finally have some decent weather here in WNY and my two youngest were bored and needed something to do. So what is a Geek Dad to do when his kids are bored and it’s 85 degrees out? Take them to the woods for some GiJoe photo ops! I have been trying to teach my son about posing and picture taking of the figures so many of these he took and posed along with my daughter. He’s 9, she’s 12 We walked back into the woods behind our house, owned…

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Holodeck VR Them Park? #virtual #epic

Take my money and never take me home. There have been plenty of claims to virtual reality. Many ideas, start ups, attempts and more. Ever since watching fantasy come to life on Star Trek’s Holodeck, I have dreamed of the day it would be available for real. I mean, communicators, tables and sensors have all come to real life, WHEN is the VR happening???? Well, “The Void” is adding itself to the long list of claims to accomplish this “vision”.   Now, I will be the first to say… this…

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Transformer WheelChair – For Real!! #firefly #rollick

Every once in a while, you get the chance to see an ‘invention’ that grabs your attention. One that looks cool, might be affordable or might actually help someone. I think I found one! I saw this on a FB post yesterday; it’s not available in the U.S. yet… that’s a shame. I found that it “used” to be on, but not anymore. This is awesome though. It has a range of about 15 miles per charge, and can hit 11mph top speed. It weights about 30lbs, and is…

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Forgotten Friday, Just Joe-in, #justjoe-in, #gijoe, #NASA

Welcome to this week’s Forgotten Friday, been a few Fridays since our last one! Sorry, we’ll have to do better! This week’s Forgotten Friday is another edition of Just Joe-in. A couple of months ago my best buddy, my son asked me to get him a GiJoe Astronaut, He loves Space! So I began the hunt, I couldn’t find a single Joe Astronaut for a reasonable price. I didn’t want to pay collector’s price for something he was ultimately going to play with until it falls apart. I decided to…

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