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Watchtower Geeks Moved to New Server #faster

Hey all, Godaddy has kindly moved our server to a new host, and we have seen a significant increase in speed! Thanks godaddy! We received some comments that our site was a bit slow. We noticed that too. Godaddy moved us to a new, more secure location! We have seen immediate improvement! Hopefully everything works better for you!   Geek Jason

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Weekly Watch:, the place for swords, knives, and survival #budk, #hobbitswords, #survivalgear

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have done a Weekly Watch so we figured we owed a couple of good posts! I’ve always been a fan of swords and knives, especially ones from fantasy movies. I have shopped a number of times and have always been very satisfied with their service and delivery, and their prices can’t be beat! Anyone that enjoys survival, fantasy movies, collecting knives, or just likes cool home decor will enjoy Bud K’s offerings. The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield, Orcrist:   The…

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Matt Damon Returning as Jason Bourne? #Bourne

I always thought Matt was perfect for the role, and actually never saw the last movie because Matt wasn’t in it. I like Jeremy Renner, I think he’s a great actor… I think he probably did a fine job in the movies for Bourne, but I’m glad he wasn’t actually playing “Bourne”. According to Huffington post, Matt is coming back on board for a 2016, July release of a new Bourne movie!   Check the story out here:   Anyhow, we are glad to see him back!

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Watchtower Weekly Watch #geek #blog

  Watchtower Geeks is excited to announce a new feature!   Introducing, Watchtower Weekly Watch! As we continue to grow our pool of authors and contributors, we are excited to begin branching out into new areas of “Geekdom”! Every Monday, we will be highlighting a new artist, movie, product, or ‘something new’. We are looking for your suggestions as well! Are you an Artist? Do you have a movie you want reviewed? Let us know!   Example: If we put our spotlight on an artist, we will feature their work,…

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Freelance Writers and Volunteers #geek #SDCC

Watchtower has launched our freelance initiative while we were there, and now, Watchtower Geeks is officially opening the doors to writers and freelancers online as well! We are looking for volunteers to write reviews, articles, opinion pieces and more! This is a chance to get your name out there and be a part of something fun; hopefully contributing to making the world a better place for Geeks everywhere! We do what we do, for fun! We are hoping to find some others who are want to do the same. If you…

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New Invention Saves Child Lives in Hot Car Seat #teeninventor #kids

According to an article at the Washington Post, a girl named Alissa Chaves invented a tool to let parents know when a child has been left in a car seat! With the rash of stories making the news lately in regards to kids dying from heat in cars, this couldn’t come at a better time. Being a parent myself, I struggle with the thought of someone being able to forget their child in the car. I also know how terrible ‘auto pilot’ can be when driving, especially if you are…

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So It Starts #comiccon2014

    Good Morning All! We arrived in San Diego yesterday and got settled in pretty quick. We set up our equipment, charged our stuff, examined our new tshirts and business cards. We are ready to go! Last night, we hit up Benihana for dinner. The shrimp was amazing. Why don’t I live in SD again?? Today we pick up our passes and set up our schedule. Once the schedule is set, we will post what we are hitting! Looking forward to some good interviews, panels, and lots of…

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