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I love a good watch. My wife will attest that I may love them too much. I have many that I don’t wear, a few that need batteries, and others that I’m not sure why I bought them! Here is yet another, that I really want. Alas, I cannot afford this. BTW: You can pre-order it here, for only $28,500 !!! ¬†   I do have to admit, the watch ‘holder’ is amazing!! Check out the pictures below!  

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Transformer WheelChair – For Real!! #firefly #rollick

Every once in a while, you get the chance to see an ‘invention’ that grabs your attention. One that looks cool, might be affordable or might actually help someone. I think I found one! I saw this on a FB post yesterday; it’s not available in the U.S. yet… that’s a shame. I found that it “used” to be on, but not anymore. This is awesome though. It has a range of about 15 miles per charge, and can hit 11mph top speed. It weights about 30lbs, and is…

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Review #weeklywatch #microsoft #surface

Watchtower Weekly Watch I have to admit, before I do this spotlight…. I have had it out for Windows 8. My previous experience with it, in a nutshell, was that it was NOT made for desktops and laptops. With this review? I’m re-affirming that, but in a good way. Windows 8.1 Pro was made for THIS product… Recently, I had the chance to purchase the Microsoft Surface 3. I got the full package: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Small Business Bundle – Docking Station, Surface Pro Type Cover, Surface Pen,…

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Free Year Of Netflix – From Samsung #netflix #samsung

Samsung has some really nice perks when you buy their products. Google Play cash, discounts, free stuff. This one has to take the cake though. Samsung is giving a year free, of Netflix when you buy: Offer 1: Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S (carrier version), or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (WiFi version). Offer 2: Purchase a Samsung 4K UHD TV   That, is awesome. Netflix is great in itself, Samsung has some great products. Combined? epic…   nice job! Starts tomorrow,…

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Weekly Watch:, the place for swords, knives, and survival #budk, #hobbitswords, #survivalgear

It’s been a couple of weeks since we have done a Weekly Watch so we figured we owed a couple of good posts! I’ve always been a fan of swords and knives, especially ones from fantasy movies. I have shopped a number of times and have always been very satisfied with their service and delivery, and their prices can’t be beat! Anyone that enjoys survival, fantasy movies, collecting knives, or just likes cool home decor will enjoy Bud K’s offerings. The Sword of Thorin Oakenshield, Orcrist:   The…

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Jurassic World Viral Site #Jurassicpark, #trex, #dinosaur

I loved the three original movies, some could’ve been better, but I still loved them. Now with the 4th installment Jurassic world being released there is a new website to go and visit. This is a very cool, realistic site that you wouldn’t believe is part of a movie marketing promotion.   Enjoy! Geek Ed    

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Hills is Where the Toys Are! #forgottenfriday, #hills, #holidaymemories

For anyone who grew up through the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the lower North Eastern part of the US should have fond memories of the Hills Department Store. They had the best Christmas commercials! Every year at this time I always remember them and going to Hills and seeing their Christmas and toy displays. Oh what joyful times that was. I had a falling out of sorts with my family and no longer speak with them but one memory I still keep dear is every year my Mother would…

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