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LG G3 – Verizon – Android 5.0 #lollipop

I’ve been checking on the status of the Lollipop rollout from Verizon for a couple months now. They finally did it. My impression?   Meh… LG seems to think that it has a better take on how the interface for Android should look, and pretty much killed any new ‘GUI’ besides the HOME buttons on the bottom. I mean, honestly! Go here, and see a nice preview of what you DONT have with the LG G3…   Supposedly we are supposed to be getting better performance and better battery…

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Free Year Of Netflix – From Samsung #netflix #samsung

Samsung has some really nice perks when you buy their products. Google Play cash, discounts, free stuff. This one has to take the cake though. Samsung is giving a year free, of Netflix when you buy: Offer 1: Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S (carrier version), or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (WiFi version). Offer 2: Purchase a Samsung 4K UHD TV   That, is awesome. Netflix is great in itself, Samsung has some great products. Combined? epic…   nice job! Starts tomorrow,…

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Freelance Writers and Volunteers #geek #SDCC

Watchtower has launched our freelance initiative while we were there, and now, Watchtower Geeks is officially opening the doors to writers and freelancers online as well! We are looking for volunteers to write reviews, articles, opinion pieces and more! This is a chance to get your name out there and be a part of something fun; hopefully contributing to making the world a better place for Geeks everywhere! We do what we do, for fun! We are hoping to find some others who are want to do the same. If you…

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Ingress-Which side will you take

Listen up recruit! There is an exotic matter penetrating our world.  You just need to decide if the energy can be used for good or if we will be controlled by it. Enlightened or Resistance! You maybe asking yourself, ” what does this all  mean?”.  It means that a new augmented reality, MMO that has teamed up with Google has taken over our Android phones(soon coming to Ios).  It is a game that requires you to play, not from home, but actually get up and walk to destinations in your…

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