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I love a good watch. My wife will attest that I may love them too much. I have many that I don’t wear, a few that need batteries, and others that I’m not sure why I bought them! Here is yet another, that I really want. Alas, I cannot afford this. BTW: You can pre-order it here, for only $28,500 !!!   I do have to admit, the watch ‘holder’ is amazing!! Check out the pictures below!  

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Watchtower Geeks Moved to New Server #faster

Hey all, Godaddy has kindly moved our server to a new host, and we have seen a significant increase in speed! Thanks godaddy! We received some comments that our site was a bit slow. We noticed that too. Godaddy moved us to a new, more secure location! We have seen immediate improvement! Hopefully everything works better for you!   Geek Jason

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World of Warcraft – #wow #warcraft #legion

Hello fellow Geeks! Welcome to a contributing author, Loremaster Ahmys! Check out her first article contributed to Watchtower Geeks, below! Then go check out her work here: Lore is Legion Geek Jason   World of Warcraft Legion by Loremaster Ahmys   One of my absolute favorite things about the Warcraft franchise is the depth and breadth of the lore. These games and novels are certainly not lacking in story development! World of Warcraft: Legion is the upcoming new expansion and it’s going to be EPIC! The story line of this expansion…

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Should Kids Look Up To Superheroes? #geekdad #superman

Yesterday, I had a semi-productive afternoon! I came home from work, had dinner (because my wife is awesome), and went outside to do stuff around the garden and the garage. The entire time I was out there, my son was my side-kick. He helped me weed the garden, water the plants, even mix the fish fertilizer for our vegetable garden. You should have seen his reaction to the SMELL of that stuff. Priceless! After we finished cleaning up some stuff in the garage, we got to work on brushing the…

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con Trailer HD #comiccon2015 #batmansuperman #mos

Well, here is the trailer! Official! As a massive superman fan, I am still reserving judgement. This trailer gives me ‘slightly’ more hope that it isn’t going to be a total adaptation of Frank Miller’s crap… I have hope, so I will just wait and see! Geek Jason

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The Avengers – Age of Ultron #review #parentallreview

I am a bit late, but I finally got to see the movie this past Tuesday. (Thanks to my friend treating me for my birthday!) I will do my ‘parental review’ below, but first.. I LOVED THE MOVIE. I just had to put that out there. It was action packed, funny, sad, good plot, good setup for later, good themes and more.  There are plenty of Geek awesomeness moments in the movie. Great setups for Thanos, the infinity stones, Iron Man verse Cap, possible Shield restarts, new heroes, new teams,…

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Transformer WheelChair – For Real!! #firefly #rollick

Every once in a while, you get the chance to see an ‘invention’ that grabs your attention. One that looks cool, might be affordable or might actually help someone. I think I found one! I saw this on a FB post yesterday; it’s not available in the U.S. yet… that’s a shame. I found that it “used” to be on, but not anymore. This is awesome though. It has a range of about 15 miles per charge, and can hit 11mph top speed. It weights about 30lbs, and is…

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LG G3 – Verizon – Android 5.0 #lollipop

I’ve been checking on the status of the Lollipop rollout from Verizon for a couple months now. They finally did it. My impression?   Meh… LG seems to think that it has a better take on how the interface for Android should look, and pretty much killed any new ‘GUI’ besides the HOME buttons on the bottom. I mean, honestly! Go here, and see a nice preview of what you DONT have with the LG G3…   Supposedly we are supposed to be getting better performance and better battery…

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