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This Summer Will Be Huge for Game of Thrones

This Summer Will Be Huge for Game of Thrones The highly anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones is around the corner. As the last season finished with Daenerys, her dragons, and her massive army setting sail for Westeros, we expect huge things to go down. More photos and other promo materials are starting to come down the pipe, and people are starting to put together the puzzle pieces for what could happen in season seven. The first photos from season seven have been revealed, and they already have fans…

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World of Warcraft – #wow #warcraft #legion

Hello fellow Geeks! Welcome to a contributing author, Loremaster Ahmys! Check out her first article contributed to Watchtower Geeks, below! Then go check out her work here: Lore is Legion Geek Jason   World of Warcraft Legion by Loremaster Ahmys   One of my absolute favorite things about the Warcraft franchise is the depth and breadth of the lore. These games and novels are certainly not lacking in story development! World of Warcraft: Legion is the upcoming new expansion and it’s going to be EPIC! The story line of this expansion…

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MS-DOS Games for Free Online! – #streetfighter #DOSgaming #weeklywatch

Watchtower Weekly Watch:   This is awesome… 80’s Games! As a Geek Dad, I will now be able to introduce my kids to pure awesomeness…   I grew up on DOS, yes, that means I’m old. I played nibbles and Gorillas. I played the FIRST FPS, Wolfenstein! I played Duke Nukem and more.. guess what? You can play them too! Go here, and search for what you want. I searched for “Street Fighter”.. yes, it’s there and awesome! I’m not sure how long these titles will last, copywrite issues…

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Atari – Forgotten but not Forgotten #atari #forgottenfriday

Forgotten Friday – Atari   There are a lot of things that people can wax nostalgic about. But for a geek, bring up Atari and you can be sure that you will be regaled with many memories of fun and maybe some irritation. Who remembers ET the game? Biggest Atari BOMB ever!   Besides the fun and the memories. Atari was genius. They started out in 1972. Remember PONG? Atari has gone through many changes since then. But they introduced us to console gaming. They started with a simple Tennis…

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12 Finalist for Toy Hall of Fame #toys, #fisher-Price, #paper airplane, #American Girl, #Little Green Army Men

The twelve finalist for this years Toy Hall of Fame inductees have been released. Out of these twelve finalist two will be inducted this year. My short list would be: Fisher Price Little People, Little Green Army Men, and the Paper Airplane. Let’s hear your short list in the Comments! 1. Little Green Army Men 2. American Girl 3. The Paper Airplane 4. Pots and Pans 5. Bubbles and Wands 6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7. Fisher Price Little People 8. HESS Trucks 9. Slip n Slide 10. My Little…

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Microsoft Buys Minecraft – #Microsoft #minecraft

There was a rumor that Microsoft was trying to purchase Mojang for close to $2 Billion bucks. Well, that rumor wasn’t true. They purchased Mojang for $2.5 Billion. (Per ZDNet)   It’s funny, because Microsoft is gigantic, but they have been plagued by bad moves and releases. This move is probably good for them. Majang is stable, has a gameplan, and Microsoft has a decent gaming department. Hopefully this move plays out well for Microsoft!       Check out news on for some other goodies.  

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