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Watchtower Geeks Moved to New Server #faster

Hey all, Godaddy has kindly moved our server to a new host, and we have seen a significant increase in speed! Thanks godaddy! We received some comments that our site was a bit slow. We noticed that too. Godaddy moved us to a new, more secure location! We have seen immediate improvement! Hopefully everything works better for you!   Geek Jason

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iPhone and Android Tricks Stop Advertising on your Phone #iphone #android #privacy

With all the worries about tracking, advertising, spying and the rest.. there are some simple steps to save yourself money and headaches. These are all possible on your smart phone, without signing any contracts or paying money to ‘lock’ your information from advertisers. Yeah, ATT said it’s going to charge you $29 to stop them from selling your info…   iPhone You can go into your settings, press Privacy, and at the bottom? there is something called “advertising”… Go under there. You will see an option for “Limit ad tracking”……

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Free Year Of Netflix – From Samsung #netflix #samsung

Samsung has some really nice perks when you buy their products. Google Play cash, discounts, free stuff. This one has to take the cake though. Samsung is giving a year free, of Netflix when you buy: Offer 1: Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S (carrier version), or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (WiFi version). Offer 2: Purchase a Samsung 4K UHD TV   That, is awesome. Netflix is great in itself, Samsung has some great products. Combined? epic…   nice job! Starts tomorrow,…

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samsung note edge Phones Technology 

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Interested? #samsung #samsungnoteedge #edge

  I’m not sure what to think about this yet. I actually think it has merit, but not sure if it has user friendly applications that would make it feasible on the customer market! Samsung introduced the new ‘edge’ and indicated it would be sold in the North America market. Not sure when yet. The “edge” has a curved display on the right side, that acts as a ticker or an app shortcut bar. I think that may actually be cool, if it doesn’t interfere with normal use. I can only…

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samsung alpha Phones 

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Release #samsung #geek

  Well, it looks like Britain got the Alpha today! Here are the specs just released. Not sure if this is going to be released in the US this week? But I know it is soon!   According to, it is supposed to be  6.7mm thin… styled from metal, and look a LOT like the iPhone. Wait, wasn’t supposed to say that, was I? Here are some of the specs: 4.7-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED display Exynos octacore processor (Quad 1.8GHz + Quad 1.3GHz) 2GB RAM  32GB of internal storage…

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facebook Phones Technology 

Facebook Messenger Scare #facebook #privacy

There has been an article going around on Facebook and other websites, that really “scares”  the tar out of you in regards to the new Facebook Messenger App. I did read this article. On the surface, I would agree with it… but the more I dive into the actual content, the more it falls apart. That’s a good thing. The big scare, is that the new FB Messenger App is a privacy concern. That the permissions you grant it when installing on your phone, are too big brother’sh. I will be…

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