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Weekly Watch: National Museum of Play, #familytime, #toyhalloffame, #strongmuseum #vintagetoys, #gijoe

Over this past weekend I took my family to the National Museum of Play, formerly the Strong National Museum of Play, in Rochester, NY. It’s about an hour and 45 minutes from where I live. This was the second time I have been. The place is an amazing place filled with everything a kid and a a big kid love. There is a mini Wegman’s Grocery store, kids get to fill their mini carts up with groceries and then cash out at the mini registers. It’s all fake food but…

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Gi Joe Adventure Team- “Just Joe-In”, #gijoe, #adventureteam, #justjoe-in,

At least once a week I am going to create a post featuring Gi Joe. I am calling it “Just Joe-In” That kind of came about from my wife asking me one day what I was doing and as I was cleaning a vintage Joe, I said “Oh, I’m just Joe-in around.” I just wanted to upload a few pics of a new GiJoe Adventure Team figure I put [contentblock id=1 img=code.png]together. This figure is a Hasbro 40th Anniversary head (repro of original), a super poseable GiJoe modern body, and…

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A new Honda days commercial featuring Jem and Gi Joe again! #gijoe, #jem, #hondadays

This is awesome! The year Hasbro all but gives up on Gi Joe; here he is in main stream commercials. Not his most modern version either!!! This commercial is better than the others I think! Here’s the others: Geek Ed

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Forgotten Friday: Gi Joe Atomic Man Mike Powers, #gijoe, #atomicman, #bionicman, #adventureteam

Forgotten Friday: 14 November 2014. At the end of the original Gi Joe run, Hasbro tried to stay current with some often ill -received concepts. The Adventure Team and reignited life into the Gi Joe line after the Vietnam War had slowed the sales of the military versions of Joe. Joe became a Jungle Explorer , a Desert Survivalist, a Treasure Hunter, and had many run ins with often undersized vicious animals! In the mid 70s due to the increase popularity of Bionics, thanks to the Six Million Dollar Man…

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Hills is Where the Toys Are! #forgottenfriday, #hills, #holidaymemories

For anyone who grew up through the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the lower North Eastern part of the US should have fond memories of the Hills Department Store. They had the best Christmas commercials! Every year at this time I always remember them and going to Hills and seeing their Christmas and toy displays. Oh what joyful times that was. I had a falling out of sorts with my family and no longer speak with them but one memory I still keep dear is every year my Mother would…

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Hey, Hey I wanna be a Flock Star, Re-Flocking Vintage Gi Joes, #GiJoe, #AdventureTeam, #flockedheads

Have ya ever thought about reflocking an old Gi Joe Adventure Team Figure? Well if you answered yes, then read on my friend!! I grew up in the 70s and 80s and my fascination with Gi Joe started when I was very young. My brother had many of the Adventure Team figures and stuff and I received a very few at the very end of the AT line. I was so obsessed with the Gi Joes that for many years growing up I thought you had to have a bread…

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