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Did Thanos Kill You Too? #thanos #avengers #infinitywar

WARNING: This post contains some spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. So if you don’t want to see them, DON’T KEEP READING! I’m guessing (just guessing..) that a few of you have seen a social media post going around, where people are posting how they did or didn’t die at the hands of Thanos? Well, if you didn’t, here it is! Quick Recap: (SPOILERS!) Thanos goes on a rampage in an attempt to ‘balance’ the universe, in the latest Marvel Epic Blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War. To do this, he must kill…

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A 6 Year Old’s View on Wonder Woman #wonderwoman #justiceleague #wonderwomanmovie #review

Thanks Gal Gadot… and thanks Linda Carter, for taking the lead in getting a strong female put in the correct light. Thanks for letting my daughter have a ‘safe’ movie, free from agendas. Thanks for allowing me to watch my daughter enjoy a superhero the way I have always enjoyed them, and for provoking a conversation I never thought I would have with a 6 year old.

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This Summer Will Be Huge for Game of Thrones

This Summer Will Be Huge for Game of Thrones The highly anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones is around the corner. As the last season finished with Daenerys, her dragons, and her massive army setting sail for Westeros, we expect huge things to go down. More photos and other promo materials are starting to come down the pipe, and people are starting to put together the puzzle pieces for what could happen in season seven. The first photos from season seven have been revealed, and they already have fans…

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Random shots from the Nickel City Con, #Nickelcitycon #comiccon #raypark #buffalo

At the Nickel City Comic Con in Buffalo, NY August 13th and 14th. It was great to see the attendance increase on Sunday and Dave and Adams put on a great convention, Buffalo needs more things to do like this! These are random pictures from the floor and panels.

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