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I have to say, wow.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from this movie.  Wow.

It was a last minute decision to even see the movie.  We literally drove by the local theater,  and decided right in front of the place,  making a large u turn! I took my wife,  my son,  and my daughter.  My son is 6, my daughter is 4, and the movie entertained them as well as the parents.

The movie is about a brilliant boy genius that suffers a loss… A loss that was preventable. His invention is also stolen. The movie is all about how he overcomes the loss, and brings the thief to justice. (All the while, turning into a “hero”)


Language: The movie had none to be spoken of. There were some outbursts, some attitude, but nothing that made me flinch.

Violence: This was interesting. There was a fair amount of violence, but in an interesting way. I’ll try to break it down. Be warned, this ‘may’ be spoiler territory. Most of the fighting scenes, and there are a few.. were harmless. Lots of robots beating up robots. There were some kicks and punches here and there, and some implied/impending doom moments as well. The biggest ‘violent’ moment, would be the death of the main character’s brother. He dies in a fiery explosion. The actual death isn’t shown, but there is no mistaking what happened. There are many explosions, falling cars, buildings and more. The main character, a robot that is built to help… is a not allowed to kill. He is not allowed to harm. But they play an interesting back and forth between that philosophical argument throughout the whole movie… and honestly, I think they do it right.

Note: The ‘bad guy’ does have a mask that ‘might’ be scary to smaller kids, but nothing too bad.


Sexual Content: None.

Theme: There is a lot I can say here! Just an FYI, this movie does have a death.. it does have some intense emotion. My kids seemed to handle it in stride, and it provided opportunity to talk about these things with them!

The theme is ‘strength’ in friends/family. It’s about love, sticking with something even if it is hard, good over evil, taking the high road, and bringing evil to justice. It was sad, happy, good and sappy all at once. I enjoyed it, and hope they make another! This, was at its base, a superhero team origin movie. (It even mocks that at one point.)

They could really start something nice with this movie. It was interesting to see the Japanese/American mix, and I liked it. The animation was great, the humor was laugh out loud, and the points made barely touched political or controversial. It was the perfect distraction for a family in the middle of the week.



I would give it a big thumbs up!




P.S. All you geek fanboys?  Watch for Easter eggs… See this one?


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