Batman V. Superman – Dawn of Justice | Review and Parental Review

First, I have to put this out there. There are spoilers in this review.. but I will try each time to warn you when a MAJOR one comes up.

Second, right up front? I would not recommend this movie for “small children”.  I’ll start off with the review of the movie, then break it down for parents!

This review doesn’t contain TOO many details.. since the movie just came out. But hopefully it will help you get an idea of what to expect!

There are many parts of me that looked forward to this movie, and many parts that did not; comic book fan overload. My biggest fears:

  1. Superman would look pathetic
  2. Batman would portrayed as total 100% genius
  3. Too Much At Once on screen


I’ll admit, I am a Superman fan over Batman.. but that’s just personal preference. I have respect for Batman. (After all, he’smy son’s favorite superhero..) But this movie played it perfect. Before I saw it, I read a few review from critics. What a joke. Even the stuff they pointed out as being ‘wrong’ with the movie? Didn’t even live up to what they said. It made no sense.

  • Violence and special effects were NOT the concentration of the movie
  • The fight scenes between Batman and Superman were very well thought out and made total sense
  • Flashing around the world and showing multiple scenes, areas and plots, came together nicely! Didn’t feel overwhelmed!
  • The Bad guy was just that, bad.. no special reasons.. no trying to make us like him first, ect.. just a nice..bad guy
  • The emotions seemed real
  • The acting was great all the way around
  • The clips of upcoming heroes were done PERFECTLY

The reasoning that Batman goes after Superman, is conveyed very well. The way that the world views Superman, is done well. The emotion that is felt *SPOILER ALERT*…





When Superman gives his life for “His world”…




Is well done. It’s great, all the way around!

Language: I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with this part. It was ‘medium’ on a scale of mild to harsh. A few uses of Jesus, and some other words. But there were a couple harsher words in there as well. They made “sense” in a away, when they were used.. but with the flow of the movie? I really didn’t see the need for them.

Violence: Harsh! There was a lot of violence! Most of it was not graphic to where it showed the final ‘end’ of some of the actions. But some did. There was a lot of death, point blank gun shots, and plenty of fist fights.

Sexual Content: Not much. There were 1-2 scenes that were done with style, and thankfully didn’t get graphic. But it did show Lois in a tub, without clothes on. They didn’t show anything graphic, but it was suggestive. I will say, I was glad to see that Wonder Woman was fantastic. Mostly modest, strong, and made a FANTASTIC entrance!

Theme: The theme was much harder to pin down that most movies. Good verse Evil for sure… but there was friendship, democracy, morality, existence of God, overcoming what you feel and doing what you ‘know’. It was good all the way around.

I think the movie is great, but I would be careful of little kids. Some of the scenes are a bit heavy for youngsters… some of the flash/visions are bit scary! Doomsday is…scary. I have a 5 year old daughter who loves Wonder Woman, and I won’t take her to see this movie.


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about it, and I will answer!


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