Baby Dancin’ Groot is a sure disappointment, #groot, #guardiansofthegalaxy, #gotg, #toys

SO they finally decided the world deserved a dancin’ baby Groot figure form the box office smash hit of the summer Guardians of the Galaxy. Two of my kids fell in love with Groot because of that finally scene and had they put effort into this toy it could have been great, instead we get a poor Groot imitation that doesn’t even move to the rythm.

Here is the end scene from the film.

And here is the pathetic excuse for the Dancin Groot toy.

Now the retail price is supposed to be set around $14.99 USD so I guess I can’t complain too much, but I would’ve paid $50.00 for a real nice one!


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  1. geeks says:

    wow, that IS pathetic…

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