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Vintage Toy Commercials #GIJOE, #MEGO, #STARWARS, #MASK, #SMDM

I am a huge fan of vintage toy commercials. Back when the toys were used instead of cartoon or CGI versions of the toys. These commercials gave us a start to adventures and missions that would last for weeks. Here are few commercials I found on You Tube.  Of course my favorites are the old Gi Joe Commercials.What toy lines or commercials did you love as a kid?  

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Just Joe-In Jellystone Park style, #justjoe-in, #GiJoe, #JellystonePark

My family and I took a short vacation over Memorial Day Weekend and spent two beautiful nights in Jellystone Park, in North Java, NY. My good friend Joe came along for the weekend but being as busy as I was, grilling and relaxing, I didn’t have time to go out with Joe anywhere; We were hoping to go exploring for awhile. Luckily my son and daughter stepped in and decided to take Joe out for some fun and show him around a little bit. I believe my 9yr old son…

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May the 4th Be With You! My Awesome Wife, #starwars, #starwarsday, #geekgirl

Who has the most awesome wife a geek could ask for? That’s right, This guy! First Happy Star Wars day everyone! I came home from work today, my wife had grilled burgers and hot dogs, and this was what was on the table!  We had a Yodamelon, Vader Taters, and my son decorated Hot Dog buns as Chewbacca!   It was an excellent dinner, what fun! Thanks to my beautiful wife for putting up with and participating in Geeking out! I love you!   Geek Ed    

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Forgotten Friday, Just Joe-in, #justjoe-in, #gijoe, #NASA

Welcome to this week’s Forgotten Friday, been a few Fridays since our last one! Sorry, we’ll have to do better! This week’s Forgotten Friday is another edition of Just Joe-in. A couple of months ago my best buddy, my son asked me to get him a GiJoe Astronaut, He loves Space! So I began the hunt, I couldn’t find a single Joe Astronaut for a reasonable price. I didn’t want to pay collector’s price for something he was ultimately going to play with until it falls apart. I decided to…

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Jurassic World New Movie Posters, #jurassicpark, #jurassicworld, #chrispratt, #jurassicpark

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th, I cannot wait for this movie. I hope it is as good as it looks in the previews! I love dinosaurs, I love the Jurassic Park Trilogy, and Chris Pratt is a cool dude! So in anticipation for the soon released feature film; here are two new movie posters to get excitement building.   and here is the trailer for those who have been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet!   “The park is open!”  

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Star Wars Celebration Cosplay. #STARWARS, #Cosplay, #Celebration

For me the Star Wars Celebration is on my Bucket List, it ranks above the Sandiego Comic Con, and any other convention out there. I hope within the next few years I will be able to go to the convention with my son Luke! Here are some pictures of the cosplay from this years celebration. Thanks to Disney and JJ Abrams, the Star Wars Universe is alive and doing awesome!!   Geek Ed

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Some stop motion fun from Tim Weedn, GiJoe Enthusiast and cool dude #gijoe, #adventureteam

My friend Tim Weedn does some seriously good and gut bustingly funny stop motion videos. These feature GiJOe and some other famous characters from time to time. I thought I would share with our fan base. Enjoy! You can follow more Stop Motions on the FaceBook site, be sure to “LIKE” them! You Tube channel        

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Forgotten Friday, Paper Football, #geekdad, #football, #tabletopgames

This past Sunday we had my Daughter’s 12th birthday party at my in law’s house. My daughter had a few friends over, of course, and my son had a friend over as well. After the party’s festivities were done, candles blown out, cake eaten, and presents opened, my son and his friend wanted the girls to play hide and seek. The girls wanted no part of this as they were busy with, uh…whatever little girls do…. I was sitting at the big oak dining room table digesting birthday cake that…

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